Pallets for a hand trolley

Pallets for your hand trolley/hand truck is a great solution for a lot of loose items! I use them for toolboxes and supplies, both in the workshop and around the house. If you do make these, be sure to batch them out right away. Because you will find a lot of uses for these pallets!

How I made it:

The pallets are made with four boards on top and two stretchers underneath. This is the simplest design that still work great and they can handle a lot of load. I made mine from pressure treated lumber because I use them both in the workshop and outside. This way I don't have to worry about them failing due to being exposed to the weather.

The dimensions of the pallets that i made are 40 x 60 cm, which is roughly 2' by 16". The boards that I used are 22 x 95 mm, which in imperial is 1" by 4". The stretchers underneath are 45 x 45 mm andĀ corresponds to 2" by 2".


I started by cutting all the boards and stretchers to length and then I gave them all a quick sanding. It's not the most important thing in the world to sand these, but it helps to prevent splintering the wood and make them a bit easier to the touch.

To make the assembly a bit easier for me, I just set the adjustable square to 3,5 cm (~1"3/8) to get an even overhang of the boards on the sides. I then placed the a side of a board flush to one of the stretchers ends and with the adjustable square I got the right overhang on the side. I then attached it with just one decking screw and repeated this for the other three corners. Then it was easy for me to square it up with a regular square and attach the rest of the screws. The two remaining boards I placed with an even gap and used an extra piece to get the sides to line up.